Celebrities & The Edgy Allure of Smoking

Once, it was all about green juices and yoga mats for the stars, but today, they’re reviving an age-old habit: smoking. Smoking, in its many forms, has been a conspicuous aspect of celebrity culture, weaving through the tapestry of entertainment history with a persistent presence. Whether it’s the traditional elegance of cigarette smoking in old Hollywood, the distinguished air of cigar aficionados, the contemplative nature of pipe smoking, or the modern trend of vaping, celebrities have often been at the forefront, shaping and reflecting the smoking habits of their times.

 During the Golden Age of Hollywood, smoking was portrayed as a glamorous and sophisticated activity. Many famous actors and actresses were often seen smoking on screen, and this helped to normalize the habit and make it appear fashionable. The tobacco industry capitalized on this trend and used Hollywood stars to advertise their products, further reinforcing the idea that smoking was a desirable and glamorous activity.

The Golden Age of Hollywood: Smoking as Glamour

The most recent celebrity embodying this comeback is Anya Taylor-Joy. There seem to be endless paparazzi photos of her smoking outside, which are then shared by “Best of Anya Taylor-Joy” accounts. “I’m sure Anya smoking is a new culture now” one person wrote in a comment underneath footage of the actress indulging on a cigarette break.

Depp is no stranger to smoking cigarettes. The 24-year-old was caught on camera enjoying a smoke at an In & Out Burger drive-thru at 17 and declared her fondness for Virginia Slims a year earlier.

Celebrities Embrace Vaping: The High-Tech Twist on Traditional Smoking

In recent times, the trend of vaping has caught on like wildfire among celebrities, marking a significant shift in smoking culture. Gone are the days when traditional cigarettes were the hallmark of the rich and famous; today, vaping has emerged as the new symbol of contemporary cool. With its sleek designs and perceived health benefits over conventional smoking, vaping has become the go-to choice for many in the celebrity world.

From movie sets to music videos, e-cigarettes are increasingly becoming a staple in the hands of celebrities, signaling a change in how smoking habits are portrayed and perceived in popular culture. This shift is not just about personal preference; it reflects a broader societal trend toward harm reduction and a more tech-savvy approach to smoking.

Even Kylie Jenner has shared her enthusiasm for vaping in videos that were once featured but have since been removed from her Snapchat feed.

Kate Moss, the supermodel who arguably was the face of the 90s smoker, is also a lover of vapes. She famously once paid an assistant £2000 to fly from London to Spain to find her favorite e-cigarettes.

Cara Delevigne, one of England’s most famous model is often seen vaping.

High Profile: Celebrities Leading the Cannabis Smoking Trend

Actor Seth Rogen is famous for his comedic movies as well as his cannabis company which also sells various home accessories, such as elaborate ashtrays, table lighters, planters, turn tables, and record collections.

Seth Rogen has been one of the faces of the pro-cannabis celebrity.

Lady Gaga has smoked onstage during a concert in Amsterdam.

The way stars have smoked, from old-school Hollywood glam to today’s vape vibes, reflects a broader cultural narrative. It appears that smoking is here to stay in the celebrity domain. Celebrities continue to play a pivotal role in shaping smoking trends, ensuring that, from traditional cigarettes to modern e-cigarettes, the practice of smoking remains a persistent feature of the celebrity lifestyle, firmly embedded in the cultural zeitgeist.

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