Vapetasia (100ml)



Vapetasia Killer Kustard is a premium e-liquid that offers a rich and creamy vaping experience, with a perfect blend of vanilla custard flavor that is both satisfying and delicious.

Experience the same great Vapetasia flavors in your favorite salt nicotine device. Vapetasia offers salt options in different nicotine strengths.

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BlackBerry Lemonade (3mg), Blueberry Killer Kustard (3mg), Blueberry Killer Kustard (6mg), Honeydew Killer Kustard(3mg), Honeydew Killer Kustard (6mg), Killer Kustard (3mg), Killer Kustard (6mg), Milk Of The Poppy (3mg), Milk Of The Poppy (6mg), Strawberry Killer Kustard (3mg), Strawberry Killer Kustard (6mg), Milk Of The Poppy Iced (3mg), Milk Of The Poppy Iced (6mg), Rainbow Road (3mg), Rainbow Road (6mg), Regular, Royalty Two (3mg), Royalty Two (6mg), BlackBerry Lemonade (6mg), BlackBerry Lemonade Iced (3mg), BlackBerry Lemonade Iced (6mg), Lemon Killer Kustard (3mg), Lemon Killer Kustard (6mg), Pineapple Express (3mg), Pineapple Express (6mg), Blur Razz Ice (3mg), Blue Razz Ice (6mg), Blue Razz (3mg), Blue Razz (6mg), Grape (6mg), Iced Pango (3mg), Iced Pango (6mg), Straw Guava (3mg), Straw Guava (6mg), Straw Guava Iced (3mg), Straw Guava Iced (6mg), Trapple (3mg), Trapple (6mg), Trapple Iced (3mg), Trapple Iced (6mg), Pink Lemonade (3mg), Pink Lemonade (6mg), Pango (3mg), Pango (6mg), Iced Grape (6mg), White Gummy Iced (3mg), White Gummy Iced (6mg), White Gummy (3mg), White Gummy (6mg)