Local Matters: Supporting California Glass Artists

Getting to know your local glass artists is more than just a shopping decision—it’s about connecting with your community and diving into the local culture. These artists bring their own unique styles and flair, reflecting the vibes of the places they’re from. Maybe you want something tailor-made or just want to support someone whose work you really vibe with. Either way, when you support local talent, you help keep the art scene vibrant and alive right in your backyard.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not ready to spend $5000 in a piece, just give these talented people a follow to keep an eye on their beautiful creations.

Elbo Glass

Based in Los Angeles, Elbo is famous for his dinosaur-themed pieces, particularly his iconic dinosaur skeletons encased in clear glass, combining a love of paleontology with expert craftsmanship.

IG: @elboglass


Based in San Diego, California. JEBB specializes in crafting some of the most distinctive and sought-after glass pieces, including guard towers as well as medium- and mini-sized castles, adding a touch of whimsy and creativity to his creations.

IG: @jebbglass

Jsyn Lord

Lord stands out with his wide range of styles and designs, always keeping functionality intact even with his unique shapes. Because he’s so versatile, he’s teamed up with lots of well-known glassblowers in the industry.

IG: @jsynlord


Based in Orange County, Slob leverages his painting experience to craft bold high-contrast line work and intricate patterns.

IG: @slob_glassblower

Sibelle Yüksek

Sibelle Yuksek, known for her brand Sibelley, is currently based in downtown Los Angeles. She designs and creates glassworks that are inspired by human anatomy, nature, and the art of movement. Her creations are described as sexy, boldly minimalist, and serve as elevated conversation pieces. Each item is meticulously handblown using the flameworking technique, with every gold touch painted and fired precisely, and each chain carefully matched.

IG: @sibelley

Scott Deppe

Residing in Northern California, Scott Deppe is a well-known figure in the glass art scene, celebrated for his masterful use of color and complex, detailed patterns in his pieces.

IG: @scott_deppe_appreciation

Mr Gray Glass

Operating from San Diego, Mr. Gray is famous for his sleek, futuristic designs that often incorporate elements of both science and spirituality, creating a unique aesthetic that’s both modern and mystical.

IG: @mrgrayglass

Mike Shelbo

Also based in Southern California, Mike Shelbo is renowned for his goblin-themed pieces and exceptional craftsmanship, creating quirky and imaginative glass pipes that stand out for their character and quality.

IG: @mikeshelbo

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