Yes! We definitely carry Vaporizers!

If you’re concerned about your health, vaporizers are a great way to continue getting the medicinal benefits you’re after, while keeping your lungs as clean as possible.

How do vaporizers work?

Obviously burning any kind of “weed” creates toxins… many of them carcinogenic.

Vaporizers, however, avoid the burning process and, consequently, eliminate the majority of the health problems associated with smoking.

Here it is straight from the the Wiki’s mouth:

Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that avoids the production of irritating toxicand carcinogenic by-products by heating the material so its active compounds boil off into a vapor. No combustion occurs, so no smoke or taste of smoke is present. Vapor ideally contains virtually zero particulate matter or tar, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide.

Sweet, huh? Vaporizers are pretty awesome. The main thing you need to ask now is …

Portable Vaporizer or  Table-Top Vaporizer?

Some Our Most Popular Vaporizers

Magic Flight Portable VaporizerThe Magic Flight Launch Box, manufactured in the USA, it is a portable vaporizer and needs no cords or plugs.  About the size , it doesn’t require water, and can even be used outdoors in windy conditions.

    • First impressions: WoW! This this is soooo tiny! It’s smaller than I thought. That’s a good thing. Great craftsmanship, I love the design!
    • It’s totally silent and leaves no odor behind, which, for a first-time vape owner, is very nice.The Genie is cheaper and simpler, but the stealth quality just isn’t there as it is with the LB (Launch Box).

Vapor Genie VaporizerVapor Genie, has a series of small, stylish, very affordable designs. Like other vaporizers, the Vapor Genie vaporizer heats up your weed by use of a normal butane lighter. By heating a patented ceramic filter, a mixture of hot and cold air currents is created which passes over your weed (or other aroma-therapeutic herbs) at a temperature of around 300-400 degrees F. This is enough to vaporize your weed, without combusting it with a naked flame. The result is a smooth vapour that doesn’t have the same soot and particle content as smoke.

Easy Vape Herbal VaporizerEasy Vape Digital is convection herbal vaporizer which means that hot air is blown over the herb, heating and vaporizing it. The easy vape is thermostatically controlled so the user can adjust the core temperature depending on what type of herbs are vaporized.

From the Easy Vape site: We designed 7 Easy Vape 420 combos to fit your vaporization needs. The combos include item such as metal herbal grinderspollen pressesstash cansdigital scalesportable vaporizers from Sneak A Vape or additional glass whips as a backup or to share a hit with your friends.

Other popular Vaporizers we carry…

  • Phantom
  • Eclipse Vape
  • No. 2.
  • Lolite

Curious what kinds of things to look for in a vaporizer?

This video review of the Magic Flight Vaporizer should give you an idea…

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