Want Pipes? We got ’em!

Smoking Section San Diego Smoke Shop has tons of water pipes in stock.

Water Pipes San Diego

  • SHELDON BLACK Water pipes
  • PURE Water Pipes
  • MIO Water pipes
  • BIOHAZARD Water pipes
  • HVY Water pipes
  • SOUR Water pipes

Everything on our shelves is premium, hand-blown smokeware, and we have more innovative designs coming in every day, to replenish our stock.


Our San Diego head shop not only offers a huge selection of glass and acrylic smoking pipes, but also a wide range of equipment and accessories, for example:

  • Smoking bowls in various sizes and designs
  • Cleaners for water pipes
  • Downpipes, sliders, adapters or diffusors for water pipes
  • Precooler for water pipes

Precoolers For Water Pipes

A precooler helps to further cool down the smoke by filtering it through an additional water chamber. The result — a much milder smoke. In addition, the added precooler helps keep the pipe body itself cleaner, sice most of the residue is kept by the precooler. It’s much easier to clean the precooler with its simpler designs than one of the elaborate glass or acrylic water pipes, especially if they have a very bubbly body or a bent neck.

Standard Joint Sizes of Glass Water Pipes

Acrylic water pipes usually have metal downpipes or sliders with only one size, so it’s no problem to exchange the bowls. It’s a little more difficult with glass pipes. Not every bowl fits every downpipe or diffuser. There are different sizes, but the manufacturers stick to common industrial standards for the joint sizes.

Not sure what’s going to fit your pipe?

Give us a call or just bring it in! Mike can surely help you out.

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