original by sour dream juice

Sour Patch Candies are the bomb, without a doubt. We could eat them all day. We actually get in legitimate arguments at our shop about who gets to eat the red ones, because we all love the red ones. They are an awesome sour sugary fruit gummy, and it is no surprise that somebody would want to make them into an e juice.


That is exactly what Sour Dream did when they created Original. All of their e juices are based off of some kind of sour themed fruit or candy, and it looks like “Original” was the start of it all. It is a pure sour patch gummy candy flavor and you can really taste all of the different colored gummies in it.

It has the TFN stamp on it. Which means it is 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine and contains ZERO tobacco alkaloids, this means it has a very pure and strong flavor, and also has a great hit.

Original by Sour Dream has a nice throat hit that goes down smooth from start to finish. A lot of times sour e juices can come off a little harsh, with a throat hit that is too sharp to enjoy.

This is not the case with Original, it is clear Sour Dream took the time to perfect it.

It comes in a 70%/30% VG/PG blend. This means not only will you enjoy some strong flavor, but you will also be blowing some big milky clouds.

In the end, isn’t that why we all love vaping so much? Clouds?.. It comes in a yellow box with the e juice brand name “Sour Dream” written across it with the flavor name “Original” written above it.


It comes in a traditional glass e juice bottle with a label that matches the box. We carry it in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in 60ML bottles. Come get it while we got it!

Flavor Profile: Assorted Sour Gummy Candy

• VG/PG: 70/30

• Nicotine Levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG

• Size: 60ML